Appliance Repair Services In Lexington KY

We offer a service which means that we are here to simplify your life and fluidity the process of repairing and maintaining your appliances. It is easy to overlook the importance of those objects since everybody is extremely busy with work, family, friends. You also need some relaxation doing nothing or watching TV. During this time, you don’t want to hear anything about a broken or damaged appliance.
We stress this point because we have heard so many horror stories from our clients about unlicensed repairs they have experienced in the past. We maintain our license and insurance as a way to protect our clients as well as our business. Kelly’s Appliance Repair offers discounts on all services for all citizens age 65 or older. Kelly’s Appliance Repair offers discounts on all services for military personnel and veterans. Your fridge is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen.
Our professionals provide a wide variety of appliance repair services that are designed to cater to your specific needs. Not only do we aim to meet your needs on our first visit, we stand behind our appliance repair services with a six month warranty. If you have an issue related to our labor or any parts we installed within six months of our initial visit, we’ll be back out to your home to solve the problem once and for all. On top of our appliance repair warranty, we’re fully insured, so you can be sure we’ll leave your home and your broken appliance in better condition than we found it. ABC’s experienced appliance repair technicians can help with nearly any type of refrigerator repair homeowners need in Austin.
Appliance Repair Incorporated is a family-owned and -operated appliance repair company based right here in the Minneapolis community. We consider every customer a member of our family, and we strive to provide you with superior oven, fridge, and washing machine repairs with the hometown service you deserve. Specializing in prompt, affordable appliance repairs, the team at Appliance Repair Inc. is committed to ensuring you get the best quality at the best prices. We’re fully insured, bonded, and licensed for your protection and peace of mind, and every one of our appliance repair technicians is EPA certified. Appliance Repair Incorporated is the company to call when you need washer, dryer, or dishwasher repair. And with our furnace and air conditioning services, we’re your full-service resource for HVAC and major appliance repairs.
Problems may range from something simple like a broken icemaker or water filter to more serious issues such as overheating. Because the severity of problems varies, it can be tough to decide whether you should pay for repairs or just purchase a completely new one. Your refrigerator is the workhorse of the house, diligently keeping food cool or frozen all day, all night. So appliance repair near me is no wonder that troubles might happen from time to time.
These problems can usually be easily fixed in about an hour and are relatively inexpensive to repair. In addition to saving some money, you have the extra perk of earning home improvement bragging rights. We offer services to residential and commercial clients Our service representatives are available Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM. Florida licensed, and manufacturer recommended appliance engineers known for fast, reliable and reasonable resolutions for any appliance concern.
Avoid stressing your refrigerator or freezer’s motor – allow adequate air flow behind the appliance by keeping at least two inches between the wall and the back of the unit. We service refrigerator ice makers and standalone ice machines. Our trained and qualified technicians can fix every brand of refrigerator on the market.
Why wait for Serviz or Appliance Appointment to find an appliance pro? Give us a call today or schedule service through our online contact form. We have more than 52 years of experience with every type of appliance and refrigerator repair to keep your kitchen operating efficiently all year long. When your refrigerator isn’t working properly, it’s not only a money loss of food, it’s also a potential hazard for your family. It’s vital to keep your refrigerator working at its best. Most homeowners take our fridges for granted—that is, until they stop cooling or have other problems.
We believe that great customer service goes above and beyond your expectations. Our team of professional appliance repair techs and office staff is prompt, accurate, and guaranteed to please. If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, is not cooling the fridge properly, leaking water, or your ice maker is broken, we can fix it today! We have fast in-home repair, and we fix refrigerator problems like yours every day. If it can’t be repaired, we will replace it up to your plan’s coverage limits and remove the defective fridge at no additional cost.
We will provide you with an estimate for all needed repairs and a timeline to make those repairs. Knowing you have one company, one phone number to call, for all your home repair needs gives you significant peace of mind and savings. AAA Service Club Memberships are cost-effective and have many benefits to you as a homeowner.